Brett // Confidence x Kate Moss x Rap Songs x Visions Cassette Tape

Brett - CxKMxRSxVBrett - RSxV


Brett – Limited Release Cassette Tape
(PGR 001B)

Brett is a collection of artists and musicians originally from Washington, DC that deftly maneuvers between new wave, disco, dream pop, and shoegaze. By combining dance beats, layered synthesizers, lush guitars, and haunting melodies, Brett is setting out to create a late night urban disco soundscape influenced by both the past and the future.

This cassette tape release collects four original songs and eight remixes initially  contained on Brett’s digital releases “Confidence x Kate Moss” (DFM 2012) and “Rap Songs x Visions” (DFM 2013).

Each cassette tape package includes exclusive Brett and Prince George Records stickers.

Limited quantities are available now.


Side A:
Kate Moss
Confidence (Viceroy Remix)
Kate Moss (Mike Simonetti & Chris Burns Remix)
Confidence (Nacey Remix)
Visions (Soundmen Remix)

Side B:
Rap Songs
Rap Songs (Them Jeans Remix)
Visions (Chris Burns Remix)
Rap Songs (Caleb Letoile Remix)
Visions (Soundmen Remix)

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